No Fencing Sat 30 April

posted 25 Apr 2022, 02:45 by David McFadyen

There will be no club fencing on Sat 30 April, due to the National Competition in Brisbane over that weekend. Unfortunately, the coaches will be busy at the competition and there is no-one to run the club. We apologise for the late notice, and we will be back as normal on the following Saturday. For those who are interested to see a national fencing event, you can come out to Yeronga SHS gym during the day from 30 April to 2 May, when the competition is running.

Back for the New Year

posted 13 Jan 2022, 18:03 by David McFadyen

We will be back to fencing in 2022 from tomorrow, 15 Jan. Usual time, usual place!

Fencing Back On Tomorrow

posted 18 Aug 2021, 23:55 by David McFadyen

Following the lifting of restrictions on community sport, we will be back at training tomorrow, 21 Aug. Thankfully, after missing two weeks we can get back to stabbing each other and relieve some of the lockdown boredom!

No Fencing for Two More Weeks

posted 9 Aug 2021, 09:20 by David McFadyen

Unfortunately, as the QLD Government has decreed that community sport will not resume for a further two weeks at least, there will be no fencing either Sat 14th or 21st of August. Hopefully, we will be returning to training on the 28th. For those wanting to still get some fencing training in, Paul Crook from The Fencing Club has been running Zoom sessions for physical training and footwork, as well as competition analysis of the Olympics, so these are well worth joining to train when we can't train. The facebook page for The Fencing Club should give you details of these sessions.

No Fencing Tomorrow, 7th August

posted 5 Aug 2021, 21:30 by David McFadyen

There will not be fencing tomorrow, due to the lockdown. Hopefully we will be back as normal next Saturday.

No Fencing Tomorrow, 3rd July

posted 2 Jul 2021, 00:37 by David McFadyen

Due to the extension of the Brisbane lockdown, we will not be able to fence tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we will be back next week!

No Training Sat 1 May

posted 30 Apr 2021, 02:50 by David McFadyen

There will be no fencing on Sat 1 May due to QLD hosting a national fencing competition, which will unfortunately occupy the coaches so we can't run club.  We apologise for this disruption and we will be back on the 8th as usual.

No Training on Easter Saturday

posted 1 Apr 2021, 06:51 by David McFadyen

We will not be fencing this Saturday due to Easter. We should be back, government permitting, the following Saturday, 10 April.

Club is re-opening!

posted 28 Feb 2021, 16:47 by David McFadyen

The great news is: we'll be back from this Saturday!

We have been given the all clear to return to fencing from the school and the QFA, so we will be able to return to training from this Saturday, March 6. 

There will be a number of requirements for contact tracing, cleaning and use of the venue, however we are able to start fencing again. These requirements will be detailed shortly, and on the day, however they should not stop us from running as usual. The most important one to remember will be the need to have your own water bottle, with the bubblers being off-limits. There is also the requirement that all fencers be members of the QFA before they start fencing again. For those who fenced before, you will need to be at least Club Level Members, while beginners can access a free, 9 week Learn To Fence membership before purchasing Club Level membership.

We'll hope to see everyone back again at 9:30 on Saturday!

Update on return to training

posted 19 Jun 2020, 18:35 by David McFadyen   [ updated 19 Jun 2020, 18:53 ]

Following discussions with the QFA, which has in turn been in frequent communication with the state government and the Australian Fencing Federation, there are signs of a lifting of restrictions which will hopefully see a return to fencing as we knew it. At present, however, we don't know the date on which the club will be able to resume normal training.

The state government is (at present) planning to allow the resumption of indoor contact sports such as fencing from 11 July, subject to considerable restrictions. Unfortunately, this does not mean that our club at Indooroopilly will be able to resume from that date, as all QLD Education premises are not permitting any outside users onto their sites. This means that we cannot use the hall at Indooroopilly, nor the quadrangle outside which we have sometimes used in the past when the hall was unavailable. It also means that the QFA cannot access its venue at Yeronga SS for any state squads or competitions. At the time of writing, there has been no date proposed for lifting this restriction.

If this restriction is removed, or if we found an alternate venue, it would still probably not be viable to resume training due to the many other restrictions planned for stage 3 from July 11th. While none of these restrictions are individually impossible (other than not being permitted in our venue, of course!), their combination would make it almost impossible to run the club in any meaningful sense. The harsh penalties for even minor breaches of these restrictions, which the state government proposes to police thoroughly, also make it extremely risky to restart the club while attempting to follow a complex set of procedures.

Nonetheless, all these proposed restrictions are subject to change. Due to the relatively low spread of the disease in Australia, the relaxation of restrictions may occur faster than planned at this point. So while, at present, it does not look likely that we'll be able to resume even next term, this may change during the term or even early in it. In summary, I'm sorry to offer only negative information: we are not starting back yet, we don't know when we will restart, but we hope it will be soon. Until then, please watch this space.

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