City Fencers is a fencing club which trains at Indooroopilly in Brisbane's western suburbs.  The  sessions are aimed at children from 9-17 years old.  We cater both to those who wish to fence for recreation and those who are aspiring to compete in state or national events.  Through class and individual instruction we aim to provide tuition appropriate to each fencer and their goals in the sport, as well as the opportunity to try what they have learned in regular bouts against others and games.  Above all, we try to allow everyone to enjoy this fascinating sport, which has been called "physical chess" due to its combination of athletic demands and tactical depth.

    Beginners are always welcome, and all the equipment you need to start fencing is provided, making it very easy to get started in this fast and exciting sport.  Our qualified and experienced coaches can challenge you and teach you the skills you need to have fun fencing your friends or train more seriously for competitions through classes or optional individual lessons.  

    Each training session normally starts with a warm up and footwork session, followed by controlled bouts and exercises to practice certain actions with a partner while the coaches provide advice and feedback.  A game or two normally rounds off the first hour.  Then free bouting starts, while the coaches take individual lessons for those who wish to do these.

    If you wish to fence recreationally and simply enjoy trying a new sport and meeting different people, then the class sessions alone will give you an ample insight to the sport (though we suggest taking 3-4 individual lessons when you start, to learn the basics), while ensuring that each week there are new challenges, new actions to learn or perfect and use. Also, you are welcome to continue using the club equipment for as long as you wish.

     If you wish to learn about fencing more quickly, if you are interested in fencing competitively, or if you simply want to perfect your technique with instruction that is tailored to suit you, then individual lessons are the best choice.  The lessons, which are done in the second hour of each session, usually last about 15 minutes (sometimes shorter for younger fencers) and allow you to work intensively with a coach to master your chosen weapon.  Although we focus on foil, instruction is also available in épée and sabre; however, you will need to purchase some of your own equipment before you can start bouts with these weapons.

    For those who are interested in trying their hands at competitions, there are several competitions held throughout the year in which you can compete.  We recommend that you try the QLD Individual Schools competitions first, as these are relaxed and fun, whilst still an excellent introduction to fencing competitions which does not require you to purchase any equipment.  Our coaches can suggest other events you might like to consider as you gain more competition experience, and provide advice on where to buy or hire equipment for higher level competitions.