Links and Resources

Links to Governing Bodies for Fencing

The Queensland Fencing Association Inc. is the state sporting organization for fencing in QLD.  Its website is your best source of information on clubs, competitions and courses, as well as any other fencing events.

The national sporting organization is the Australian Fencing Federation.  Go to this website for details of national and international events, selection policies for them, and any other relevant national level fencing information. 

The international body for fencing is the Federation Internationale d'Escrime.  Their website contains details about international events (but I would suggest is not very relevant for most club members!)

Links to Equipment Suppliers

Regrettably, there are no longer equipment suppliers with stock in Brisbane.  The following are a list of websites for various equipment suppliers interstate and overseas.  All those listed are known to the QLD Fencing community as reliable, but, of course, no endorsement is implied by their listing and no liability accepted!  We strongly recommend that you speak to your coach before ordering any fencing equipment.  Your coach can give you invaluable advice on what equipment is appropriate for different fencers, and advice on ordering and choosing sizes.

JG Fencing - Run by the well-known Jeff Gray in Sydney, its products and services are invaluable to desperate fencers whose gear has failed/broken/disappeared at national competitions, but well worth consideration at other times too. A decent range of "name brand" gear and cheaper Chinese equipment gives you a number of options from "cheap" to "quality".

Leon Paul - A British family-run company in its third generation, it has constantly added new products to its range and now offers a bewildering variety, giving you a lot of choice, plus a fair bit of browsing.  An especially good idea to talk to the coach before ordering, with so many options, but all Leon Paul gear has an excellent reputation and the company is surprising quick at sending it from London. Also, the armoury section on their website is a useful introduction to how weapons work, or a reference for anyone trying to put one back together.

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